The Evolution of Ponto Beachfront

Over the years years we’ve met with numerous neighbors in the San Pacifico and Hanover neighborhoods to introduce ourselves, answer questions and talk in more detail about making the best plan for this important property. Through these meetings, we’ve also confirmed our belief that facts provide clarity and help build relationships founded on trust. There are a lot of steps that need to happen between the initial planning stages and breaking ground. Take a look at how far Ponto Beachfront has come.

The Ponto area was originally used for agriculture and horticulture

Identified as Planning Area F in the 1993 Poinsettia Shores Master Plan, it is the only area that was originally unplanned in the Master Plan for which land uses would be determined at another time, as it required more specific planning.

The Ponto Beachfront Village Vision Plan designated Planning Area F as a mixed-use residential and retail center

First plan is drafted and submitted for informal City review

Second revised plan is drafted and submitted for informal City review

Third revised Plan is drafted and official application submitted for formal City review

A community workshop is hosted

Envision Carlsbad established two General Plan land use designations: General Commercial (GC) for the west side, and Residential (R-23) for the east side

Community Open House is hosted to present conceptual plans to residents before submitting application to the City

New application submitted to the city with feedback considered

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