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Carlsbad residents are voicing their support for Ponto Beachfront

A place we could hang out and dine by the beach!

Think it would be a nice addition near the Hilton

Interested in community by the ocean.

Shopoff Realty is a credible and responsible developer. Their vision for this site will be great for the area and will amenitize a totally underserved residential area.

Well needed! May want to be an owner!

I love the idea of this! Such a beautiful way to bring locals together and boost tourism.

Enhanced living in South Carlsbad.

To enhance that southern part of the beach area and bring in vitality with few restaurants, hotel, trails and housing etc...

South Carlsbad needs the beachfront to look better and to add some good restaurant and retail businesses.

We would love to have another restaurant in the Carlsbad area it's a beautiful location for this type of venue

We need restaurants and shops within walking distance for South Carlsbad residents. This property is already zoned for this use. The project needs to proceed!

I would like to have more restaurants and other businesses within walking distance.

I love the idea of having more choices for food and shopping near my home. It sounds like a beautiful plan with places to walk and neighbors to meet

We need restaurants and upscale shopping.

It would be fantastic to have quality places to walk and to drive to, close by in our community. This would be an enhancement to not only south Carlsbad but our entire community.

it is an enhancement and a big tax revenue for the city

We need more amenities like this ; upscale Well planned out. I support this project

We would love to walk or ride bikes to the restaurant and the marketplace

When? Feels like I've waited YEARS! Love to see you start construction soon.

Ponto Beach needs more services and it seems this development will bring a market nearby.

would love to live there

I'm interesting in buying a condo and retiring there!

The plans look good and the area will be better to have it added to the community...

I might want to live there and it looks well planned.

It will add to the economy in Carlsbad

We need more upscale restaurants and retail options for the growing affluent community.

High quality project and good use of this area for development.

Well thought out project enchancing the current area bringing infrastructure, public fracalities and housing into a desirable area. Right now the area is empty filled with cars and the train tracks

My favorite beach in the whole world! I want to live here immediately. We would like to purchase a townhome

I would want to live there

Great combo use of space for recreation, restaurants, shops and housing while improving the area as well

More restaurants / retail for the family to ride our bikes to.

Right now the land is vacant and useless, it is ready for a small community and shopping.

Very Nice and much needed development

Looks beautiful and would like to retire there! Need one story condo! Very interested!

I want to live there

Looking for a place to scale down and retire. Saw the plans at the City. We even picked out some specific units; at least 2500 sq ft.

I live in Hanover and we're looking forward to the restaurants, boutiques and shared space.

We need better shopping and restaurants

I'd like live there! Beautiful concept,

Area is ugly now. Might want to move in new housing there.

It will beautify the beachfront area improving the ugly lot of land that has existed there for years. Carlsbad needs more amenities/services for the community that also draws tax dollars from tourists. Will there be adequate parking, though?

It's exactly the type of community I would LOVE to retire in. Nice amenities, parks, trails, close to the beach & the lovely Carlsbad village.... Perfect! We currently own a lovely home in the La Costa neighborhood & would love to downsize to one of these condos. Great job!!

Looks like you will preserve the integrity of the coast while opening up some great amenities for residents and guests to enjoy

Good plan ...we've been waiting for this since the early 2000s ... Let's break-ground!

jobs, makes Carlsbad desirable place to visit and live.

Looks cool

Support Carlsbad Commerce and Community! Very interested in the Luxury Residences

Will be terrific for the area and an incredible addition to the existing community of South Carlsbad! There is a void for this in the area

We live close by and want local restaurants, parking and development in the coast to walk and bike to

I think Carlsbad needs beachfront dining. I like the open feel.

Love the concept. We need more waterfront dining/shops for the community.

New pretty shops and restaurants to look forward to. I live nearby.

Interested in buying a condo. When will the development be complete and what is the avg cost per unit?

Opportunity for outdoor living and entertainment. Love the concept

Very nice addition to the area. When can we see house plans?

Looks good, needed, and artistically conceived

We need more community spaces like these. Love commercial centers that appreciate the town and it's nature

I think it would benefit our already amazing beach community. We can use an upscale gathering place along the coast in Carlsbad. The village is nice but very touristy. This would feel more like a neighborhood gathering spot.

Because Carlsbad needs more cafes restaurants in the southern end

Developing that area has needed to happen for a long time. Looks lovely

Let's make Carlsbad a place we're our homes will go up in value and our children will enjoy living with more jobs and fun things to do

Proposed development will be a great asset to this area of Carlsbad

We need more outdoor dining options!!

New places are always great for the community

We need more places where families and couples can hang out

I'd like to purchase a residence

I want to support the Ponto beach project because I want to buy one of the townhomes but I need oceanview

So we can have a place to hang around by the beach.

Looking forward to more venues on the waterfront

We need an upscale beachfront restaurant/bar. Carlsbad does not have one beachfront establishment!

It would be so nice to have a place to walk to and have dinner to enjoy a view of the ocean! It would be wonderful to have a place to shop and stroll around. We are so lacking any kind of Ocean view dining and activities in the area it would be such a nice addition!

Enhances the overall area through badly needed development and buildout of cafes, restaurants, hotel.

Looks wonderful. With all the new homes being built, the crowds, and the traffic getting worse and worse, we could use this beautiful place close. it would be very nice to have this place to go to.. It looks very nice, and hope it actually happens soon! My family agrees!

Looks wonderful. With all the new homes being built, the crowds, and the traffic getting worse and worse, we could use this beautiful place close. it would be very nice to have this place to go to.. It looks very nice, and hope it actually happens soon! My family agrees!

It would be wonderful

As resident of San Pacifico we were told 18 years ago before we purchased that this land would be developed. Your plans are responsible and sensitive to community.

Because we need it!

This is a great new addition to Ponto beach!

It will add up to beautify our city of Carlsbad.

Great land use on empty lot.

Good development plan and good for local economy.

Well planned improvement!

The plan is a well thought out use of the property that will bring value to our community.

Looking for something smaller to move to. I am retired. Lived in Carlsbad for 12 years.

We welcome responsible redevelopment of this under utilized land for family use, including new safer pedestrian and cycling routes linking it to neighboring residential developments. Community-focused businesses for the use of neighboring San Pacifico are also welcome!

Looking forward to enjoying the community and restaurants.

It looks like a beautiful idea for the community!

This community needs beautiful, well-designed housing.

Looks like a nice addition to Carlsbad.

Looks well thought out and would add to the local community.

The new commerce will keep $$$ in Carlsbad instead of south to Encintas.

I would go there. Hope it connects to the Lagoon Trail.

I would love to live there myself.

Interested in the residences

I think it will be beautiful, high-class and create more jobs.

Love the look and plan.

We need more restaurants and I would be interested in the homes.

It's a great use of the space

South Carlsbad has nothing to offer near the coast, shops, restaurants, etc. We've owned our home in the area since 2008 and can't wait!!!

South Carlsbad has nothing to offer near the coast, shops, restaurants, etc. We've owned our home in the area since 2008 and can't wait!!!

Great project and also its time that this area should be developed.

More restaurants in Carlsbad. Interested in down sizing and getting closer to the beach.

Ideal location for one to downsize to (once one is an empty nester and retired), that is an easy walk to the beach.

I would like more walkable restaurants, cafes, and shopping.

If done right, this would be a good thing and I can ride my bike there in 5 minutes. I also play Live Music and would love a wonderful place for my band to play down from my house in Water's End.

I am interested in the condos.

Would be a fabulous addition to our area.

I want a safe and fun place for my teens to go, meanwhile my husband and I can also enjoy and keep our tax dollars at home (in our own neighborhood).

This will be a venue that we can all enjoy for years to come. Looks like a perfect place to shop, dine and stroll on coastal trail.

As a part-time resident of Carlsbad, I believe this will enhance the community and look forward to seeing this land developed per plan.

I support Ponto Beach Front. This development will improve the area aesthetically and provide revenue for the city of Carlsbad. I would love to have space there for my business! I have lived in Carlsbad my entire life and have dreamed of having my business in my beautiful home town.

When we bought our home in Carlsbad in 2013, part of the appeal was the promise of future upscale developments like Ponto Beachfront that would give locals new dining and shopping destinations. Ponto Beachfront will help my property value. As a local homeowner, I strongly support this development.

I'm interested in buying a condo in this new development .

New developments like this one will bring in new jobs, open up new gathering spaces and help support preserving the coastline.

Carlsbad is a beautiful town and this would add to its coastal attraction.

It is the right thing to do for the neighborhood. We need more local restaurants.

I love the concept of using the unused empty area to build a better community around ponto. We live steps away from this beach and this location and look forward to having more shops and outdoor areas close by. It's long over due and will only enhance the area and preserve the beauty.

I think it would be a great use of the open field that's sitting there currently and am also interested in possibly living there.

I have always liked the area since 1988 and would like to see it prosper.

Market Hall looks fab! (like Liberty Station, very upscale). I like the walkability/trails and casual dining. That space is currently an eyesore, and this plan is a perfect way to develop it in a stylish and well-balanced fashion for all residents of Cbad to enjoy! Carlsbad always does a great job of space planning, I'm sure they will agree this is a beautiful idea and should create nice revenue for city also...

Would love to purchase one of those beachfront homes

I think it's just what this area needs!

We would love to buy a home at Ponto.

Beautiful mixed use plan! And we need a beach view restaurant in Carlsbad!! And of course more housing.

It looks beautiful and provides additional retail and residences.

Good for the city and the folks

I would like to buy one of the condos. I picture myself sitting in the restaurant sipping margaritas

Use to live on Magellan. Would luv to be back in the area.

We should build something we can enjoy.

Very excited about this development. I would like to buy a residence.

Provides access to the coastline for those that don't want to be on the beach or during evening hours.

I want to see more restaurants and community spaces near the beach

It will provide a much needed hangout area and specialty shops

We need more places near our beautiful beaches that are accessible and enjoyable to residents

Good for our community with upscale housing and retail and replacing what is now an unsightly coastal area.

Love the idea, concept and environmental sensitivity that comes along with this project!! Make it happen.

We need more entertainment and shopping in the immediate vicinity

Carlsbad needs another place for locals to gather and to shop/dine

Carlsbad is a beautiful city and everything that Ponto Beachfront has to offer would raise the value and attract more people to see what Carlsbad has to offer.

Lived in Carlsbad for many years and think this will be an awesome addition to this wonderful city

Provides much needed housing and amenities to enhance the community and to boost the local economy.

Carlsbad needs more restaurants/shops on that part of the coast.

We need something like this in Carlsbad!

Sounds like a cool plan for that space.

I do believe that Carlsbad needs more ocean view living, shopping and dining options.

Looks like a perfect place to live and enjoy the Southern Carlsbad coast.

Looks like a great addition to the neighborhood. Excited for more dining and shopping choices.

I walk this beach and would welcome a nice restaurant and developed walkways.

My wife and I are looking forward to having more shopping and dining choices within walking distance.

It would be awesome to have nice shops and restaurants. We need more options near the beach.

The beautification of the area and tax revenue will be permanent positives for the city of Carlsbad and County of San Diego.

This looks great for our community! We love dining near the coast. Thank you!

I see that there's nothing there currently and love development

Supportive of beautification projects in this community.

I have owned 2 homes in the area and think this will be great for the area and would consider purchasing if it makes sense...Thank you for keeping me informed

I'd like to live there.

Will be a continued economic driver, while contributing housing, ocean view retail, and public open space.

A much needed housing element would be welcome and I would consider purchasing a unit here. I also am very excited to see that there is a planned restaurant and market hall here too. It would a great spot for locals to come to and have a dining experience with views to the ocean. Carlsbad lacks these types of places given that we have so much coastline.

We could walk there!

It's an exciting new development for Carlsbad!

Looks like a great location!

It will be great for the community!

Need more shops!

Shopping & new restaurant options.

Great place for families!

I would like to live there.

I currently live in the area and welcome this upscale community. It will bring up values in the area while providing services.

I would like to be on the list for purchase!

Would love to live there!

I think it will add to the recreational and dining opportunities in South Carlsbad. Looking for an upscale condo to move to.

Like the amenities!

Will be able to walk to the shops & trails, and just enjoy.

I love the idea of being able to enjoy my neighborhood. The revenue will be good for our city.

Would love more shopping and dining options near the ocean!!

Great idea to stimulate our city's economy while protecting our environment.

We live in Hanover Beach Colony and directly impacts us.

Interested in the development!

I think the Carlsbad coast line could use some more exciting shopping and dining options.

As a resident of Carlsbad, and longtime visitor of Ponto Beach, this seems like a great spot for development. I always wondered why that lot sat empty for so long.

This area of Carlsbad needs more places to gather with friends for coffee and meals. This sounds like the ideal concept to take adavantage of beach proximity and give residents more options for dining and shopping. Awesome plan!

South Carlsbad coastal is in need of this type of development. Looking forward to frequenting when completed.

New first class restaurant, new shopping area and potential to be an owner of a unit.

This development is exciting and will bring new energy to the South end of Carlsbad, allowing public access, public spaces and hotels for allowing a greater number of citizens to enjoy the ambience of the Pacific Ocean.

Would love to have nice restaurants and shops to walk to.

I believe in progress and responsible development of the South Carlsbad beachfront area. As long as the traffic and parking issues are addressed satisfactorily, I am behind this project.

The beachfront needs this development. The cafes and restaurants will add to the community and provide beachgoers with much-needed services.

Love all of this for South Carlsbad.

It looks very contemporary but still feels local.

I work in Carlsbad and spend more time as a visitor here. This development would be great.

A new place to shop and enjoy the restaurants. Would like walking areas around the development.

Love to have more places for my family and I to enjoy near the beach.

Location, views and retirement!

Progress and excitement for the future of Carlsbad.

Looks beautiful! Would be something fun to head to in the south part of town.

The Ponto project will be a good addition to the community. The public area with shops will be utilized by both the surrounding community and the scores of people who stay at the campground.

We need a restaurant with a nice view plus more shopping.

Would be a great place for my parents to retire and move closer my wife and me. Love the beachy, small town vibe!

I am very interested in buying into this community when it comes available.

I want to purchase!

Beautiful addition!!

It looks like a beautiful, well-planned, development that we'd love to live.

Looking forward to moving closer to the water into a place with an ocean view!

I love living in the area and like your approach to the development.

Great for the local area and I am interested in possibly buying a house there.

Own my house. Don't want to live in it. Can't wait to live on beach!

It sounds absolutely perfect!

We need more restaurants overlooking the ocean.

I'm interested in the homes that will be built there & how soon lots/residences will be available to purchase!

We need more places to gather, shop and dine on our side of town.

We need more places like this in South Carlsbad.

We love Carlsbad and Ponto is our favorite place.

So excited about new restaurants, shopping and home near the beach. We would love to live near the water.

A much needed addition to North County!!!

Beautiful design, another shopping/dining experience near my house.

Love the design concept and community areas and amenities.

It is a perfect location for a fun family place to hang out!

Looks like a great project for an area that really needs to be brought up do date and enjoyed by all. It will be a definite asset to the community.

I would like to buy one of the condos!

I love Carlsbad and am looking forward to living at Ponto.

We use it often and it's needed! It's a close beach for many people in the community!

More food, more fun...

I think this will be a beautiful development of the space. I like the integration of trails, residential and shopping options.

Great addition to the community!

Interested in the luxury condos that will be built there!

I love Ponto Beach and Carlsbad. It would be so lovely to have this market to grab special treats on the way to the beach, or a nice restaurant with ocean view dining. I love that you're trying to make sure this is as minimal impact to the environment as possible.

It will add to the community and it will be walking distance. Wish they would finally break ground.

Great quality project.

Added resource for all of us!

Great to see development moving forward!

I would love to buy a home there!

We need high quality restaurants and shops. This would improve the beachfront and make options available for residents and visitors to enjoy the area.

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