• Why Ponto Beachfront Village?

    As the gateway to south Carlsbad, Ponto Beachfront is being designed as the waystation of the California Coastal Trail to encourage pedestrian and bicycle connectivity and create ways to improve shoreline access for locals and tourists.

    Ponto Beachfront was originally identified as “Planning Area F” in the 1993 Poinsettia Shores Master Plan. In 2005, the Ponto Beachfront Village Vision Plan established a mixed-use residential and retail center on the west side and a high density townhome neighborhood on the east side of the site.

  • Who is Ponto Beachfront for?

    Ponto Beachfront is for current and future residents of the Carlsbad community, as well as those who are visiting the area.

  • What is Envision Carlsbad? How has it impacted the project?

    Envision Carlsbad was a three year long project where members of the Carlsbad Community had a chance to share their thoughts and opinions on the future of the community. The findings of the projects were collected and reported back to community members. Envision Carlsbad has been the driving force behind all of the design plans for Ponto Beachfront because it spells out exactly what the community is looking for in a new development.

Land Use Designations and Zoning

  • What is the land designation and zoning of the property?

    Ponto Beachfront’s zoning designation is P-C (Planned Community). In 2015, as part of the City of Carlsbad General Plan update, official land use designations were approved for the site. Envision Carlsbad established two General Plan land use designations for Ponto Beachfront: General Commercial (GC) for the land located west of Ponto Drive and Residential (R-23) for the land located east of Ponto Drive. The current plan complies with the General Plan and Zoning land use designations for the property and contains natural open space in the General Commercial zone of the site.

  • What about the Poinsettia Shores Master Plan and the Ponto Beachfront Village Vision Plan?

    Ponto Beachfront was originally identified as “Planning Area F” in the 1993 Poinsettia Shores Master Plan. In 2005, the Ponto Beachfront Village Vision Plan established the City’s vision for a mixed-use residential and retail center on the west side and a high density townhome neighborhood on the east side of the site.

Residential Site

  • What will you be building? Will there be apartments?

    There will be NO apartments. The luxury residential neighborhood includes:

    • 136 luxury, for-sale condos
    • Single-level, elevator-served residences
    • California Coastal architecture
    • Balconies and covered patios
    • HOA Restriction on short-term rentals
    • Resident-exclusive pool and pocket parks
    • Underground resident parking managed 24/7
    • HOA controlled parking
    • Exclusive pools
    • EV charging stations
  • What is the allowable density for the residential site and what is Shopoff’s density?

    The zoning of R-23 allows for a density of up to 23 units/acre. Shopoff’s plans are 21 units/acre. We are not seeking any density bonus, and we are at the “growth management point” for our site. We can go up to 23 units/acre, which would get us to 149 units. In addition, we could seek a density bonus under state law, which would get us to a total of 200 units “allowed” for this site if we maximized the development potential.

  • Are you beyond the growth control point? Isn’t it 19 units/acre?

    No. We are not beyond the Growth Control Point (GCP). Per the underlying plan designation, when two or more general plan land use designations exist within a planned development, density may be transferred from one General Plan designation to another within a General Plan amendment and therefore Ponto Beachfront is in compliance with the Growth Management Point.

  • Will you be seeking the affordable housing density bonus?

    No. Shopoff will not be seeking a density bonus. Because 20% of the units will be affordable housing, we are allowed to do so; however, we don’t feel additional units would be a good fit for this plan.

  • How many stories will the residential homes be?

    The residential homes will be 3-stories and no taller and 40 ft. The Municipal Code places a maximum height limit of 40 ft. for residential condominium units.

  • Will you be padding the site? How is the 40 feet measured?

    No. We will not be padding the residential site. While some of the property will need to be made level, the building height will be measured from the existing ground.

  • Are you in compliance with the Ponto Beachfront Village Vision Plan? Doesn’t it only allow for two stories?

    Yes. Shopoff is in compliance with the overall vision of the Ponto Beachfront Village Vision Plan (PBVVP) and the General Plan.

    The PBVVP states “…The conceptual site plan contains a level of detail necessary to visually depict the desired land uses. Although the Ponto Vision Plan area is divided into specific character areas with designated land uses, the Vision Plan is also intended to allow some flexibility to respond to changing conditions…”

    Additionally, we believe our plans for the Ponto Beachfront brings a balance to the neighborhood, by creating a needed housing type that does not yet exist in the immediate area. This allows for a diverse demographic and all life stages the opportunity to live on the coast.

  • How will you be controlling short term vacation rentals?

    We are following all of the guidelines of the City of Carlsbad and not allowing rentals shorter than 30 days.

Neighborhood Commercial Site

Pedestrian Safety

  • How many entries and exits will the commercial center have?

    There will be a total of two entries and exits. One entry/exit will be located on Ponto Drive and the other on Avenida Encinas (west bound).

  • Can the Avenida Encinas entrance to the commercial center be eliminated or moved?

    No. It’s important that the commercial site have two entries and exits for flow of traffic and fire access. Additionally, due to private property rights, we do not have the ability to create a new access point from Carlsbad Blvd. to Ponto Drive as we would need the permission from the homeowners of that area.

  • Will you be enhancing pedestrian safety along Avenida Encinas?

    Yes. To enhance the pedestrian experience we are proposing the following:

    • Widening sidewalks from 5 ft. to 8 ft.
    • Creation of a landscaped buffer on either side of the sidewalk
    • Proposed U-Turn option for northbound traffic on Carlsbad Blvd. at the Avenida Encinas intersection
    • Additional traffic calming measures such as the addition of a traffic circle at Avenida Encinas and Ponto Dr.

Traffic and Parking

  • What will the traffic impacts be?

    The project is projected to generate 2,486 average daily trips, with the following breakdown:

    • 994 ADT from residential uses
    • 1,492 ADT from restaurant and commercial uses

    The proposed Project is anticipated to generate 2,852 fewer daily trips or a 47% reduction in daily trips than what was previously evaluated in the Ponto Beachfront Village Vision Plan EIR.

  • Where will the new residents park?

    The new residents will have an underground parking garage with more than 200 spaces. Additionally, there will be 53 surface parking spaces for visitors.

  • How much retail parking will there be? Will beachgoers be able to park there?

    There will be 153 operator controlled “retail only” parking spaces in the retail center.

  • Will you be providing more beach parking?

    While we will not be providing additional beach parking, beachgoers will still have the opportunity to park on Ponto Drive because no parking will be removed from Ponto Drive.